What Muffler is Best for Your Vehicle (Manufacturers and Brands)

Flowmaster – splits the exhaust stream between exhaust pulses and sound energy, after being split the exhaust pulse and sound energy are reunited within the patented “chamber” design which then produces an area of low pressure cause from the energy and sound wave cancellation collision. This exhaust will give the car more power because the creation of that area of low pressure is now being pulsated into the muffler coming out at the tailpipe incurring a more productive and clean burn. Flowmaster mufflers are tailored specifically to the exact make and model of a car.
Borla – made of carbon fiber, titanium and steel. Their warranty will last longer than the life of the automobile. Simplistic design allows for easy fit and bolt-on. Borla holds the title for the world’s best muffler in performance exhaust system upgrades. Borla is now one of the most common auto search terms viewed on the internet. Also tailored specifically to the exact make and model of your car.
Magnaflow– Made completely of stainless steel. Incredible strength and durability for extreme conditions. Lifetime warranty included. Maximizes absorption using high temp acoustical suppression material. All mufflers deliver deep, smooth tone and are bi-directional. Universal mufflers. Most widely known for its sound, performance, and durability.
AFE– a manufacturer of high performance and flow air intake systems and filters for the auto industry. Specializing in engineering, manufacturing, research and development, performance gains, and innovation for high-performance after-market part for automobiles. Also tailored specifically to the exact make and model of your car.
Remus – leader for sport exhaust system in the auto industry, only comes with a 36 month warrants for EC approval and manufacturer defects. Mostly reviewed as a more classy and sleek option compared to other mufflers; something that would not disturb the neighbors… Also recommended for someone who is not seeking such a drastic change but wants to still give their stock tone some improvement.
Gibsun – prides itself on having high value, good quality, and up to date technology to improve the overall performance and sound of your vehicle. Many reviews state that taking off the stock exhaust is harder than installing a Gibson, so good job for easy installation. Each muffler is custom power tunes to meet the specifics of each individual car. Power is delivered within the 2,000 to 4,000 RPM range rather than the 5,000 to 6,000 RPM range like most competitors.
Banks – specifically geared toward light trucks, motorhomes and sport-utility vehicles since the 1960s. Banks was founded by Gale Banks and he is currently still the hands-on president. Gale founded his company on traditional business ethics and service with leading technology. Most widely known for being a designer and manufacturer of power-enhancing for diesel and gas-powered vehicles.
Corsa – Available in three sound profiles, Xtreme, Sport and Touring… Xtreme, as noted by its name, is very loud and aggressive and makes a great growl for muscle cars. Sport keeps a steady consistent sound when maintaining speed in the cabin, but when accelerating provides the signature roar. Touring is great when you are just cruising and looking to up the sound slightly more so than a stock sound. Corsa also customizes their designs to meet the specs of your particular vehicle.
JBA – each exhaust kit comes with a polished chrome plated tip made of stainless steel that won’t discolor, also includes high durable hardware and simple bolt-on easy installation. JBA delivers quality as well as power and performance. No extra parts are needed. Horsepower and torque is guaranteed to increase as well as improve throttle response. Comes with a 1-year warranty. Street legal in all 50 states of US.
Supersprint – Manufactures performance exhaust systems for brands including Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Astin Martin and Porsche. All Supersprint exhausts are street legal and have been tested for design, quality, and construction of sound emissions. Each exhaust is built around individual engine’s characteristics. Supersprint has different ways to utilize the way they build an exhaust for off-road racing versus street racing which gives them a leg up in the auto industry. Retains factory OEM diameter tubes by increasing velocity and flow rates through the supersprint exhaust.
Exotic Speed – Creates automotive works of art; top of the line racing parts that are designed and engineered with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Very durable and highly efficient, these light weight parts customized for the racing auto market, provides dimension and character never before seen. You will only find these products sold online from an official seller. Besides the luxury of the convenience offered, these parts are also hand delivered by our couriers and directed to the address you desire when you decide to purchase products at check out. Also found on the website is access to special news about all products available on the market.
Active Autowerk – This is the largest independently owned BMW service shop located in Florida. Known all over the world for its beauty and flawlessly manufactured and engineered performance parts, made especially for BMW’s. BMW will forever be developing and releasing different models therefore AA will also be continuing to produce and present new ideas to help make these newer and upgraded models of BMW continue to run better and perform at a higher quality. They make kits for performance escalation and are most commonly known and appreciated for their affordable pricing, durability, and easy assemblage.
Agency Power – Known as one of the main aftermarket companies who create functional and fashionable racing products; found in the US and also found in Canada, Russia, UK, South Africa, Signapore, Australia, and other parts of Europe. The way AP maintains a lead in the race of auto competition is by providing products such as turbo kits, adjustable sway bars, and full titanium muffler catback exhausts. These racing products are top quality, very durable, and most of all very stylish.
ARK Performance – Located in Korea and founded in 1995, now known as one of the largest industrialized automotive facilities. ARK specializes in the technological side of creating exhausts, the engineering of suspension, and auto design. They offer top of the line quality and reliable products that will go above and beyond to exceed the industries expectations and standards. These products have been tested in all varieties of professional motorsports and have been proven to surpass the standard expectations. They are constantly evolving and are continuing to grow as a top competitor in the automotive industry when it comes to design, style, and performance.
Spoon Sports – Founded in 1988 by Tatsuru Ichishima in Tokyo, Japan. They focus on the planning and development and manufacturing and sales of these products. They mostly concentrate in manufacturing car parts made for Honda and tuning Honda engines. Spoon Sports races and tunes vehicles made by Honda in a number of different endurance races. Recently, Spoon Sports has developed, designed, and patented the unique Rigid Collar chassis turning component.
Pace Setter – Manufacturing and designing exhaust systems, components, and performance headers of the best quality for over 35 years in the USA. Their products contain more applications than any other automotive manufacturer. They continuously strive to produce updated and innovative applications and products daily. Products are backed by a 36 month warranty period. Each automobile requires parts that will be made custom to fit to your personal make and model automobile. They design and develop parts for all kinds of vehicles, from cars to trucks to SUVs and American Muscle Cars, any kind of vehicle you have they can tailor your products to be customized and fit to your automobile.
Takeda – Takeda makes air filters for your car and concentrate their energy into the creation and development of air intake systems and although these may seem like miniscule parts, the quality of performance you will see after you install one will make you wish you had installed it sooner. When trying to improve your vehicles performance, having the right part is key and that’s why Takeda specializes in making the right components for you. Also known as an Advnace FLOW Engineering division, Takeda leads the auto aftermarket industry in filtration, exhaust, and intake on performance products from BMW to Dodge Diesels. All products come with a 2 year warranty. All products are made in California and have a strong influence from Japanese tuning making their products uniquely designed to please the most progressive auto enthusiasts.
Akrapovic – Specializing in top-quality exhaust systems for sports cars, motor cycles, and carbon parts. They off a vast variety of materials, tailpipes, and exhaust systems that will surely enhance your car or motorcycle to look and sound just like you always wanted. With a very keen eye and attention to detail, the company prides itself on producing products with unique resonant sounds. Once you have installed your new products, fire up your engine, sit back, relax, and await to enjoy the sound and experience the pure power from your new Akrapovic parts.
Fabspeed – Committed to their customers, their goals are to provide one of a kind performance products, low pricing, and unmatched service. They specialize in delivering maximum performance, quality guest service, and a true knack for detail to the exotic car enthusiasts. They pride themselves on employing a team of people who are a force of innovation and also contribute to the local economy while protecting the environment. Their products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty which is very rare in the exhaust industry. They strongly believe in their performance tested systems and will stand behind their exotic sports car sounds 100%!
Milltek – Offers performance products, comprehensive performance exhausts, and main sources stem from BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, and Nissan. Currently they export to more than 80 countries all over the world. They have been in business for over 30 years. Continuously working to upgrade and update their products from development and technical expertise to continue to deliver exceptional performance products to car enthusiasts all over the world. One of the industries leaders in performance exhaust systems and hi-flow sports catalysts.
Skunk 2– Founded in 1994 and driven by the passion to make things accelerate quickly, Skunk 2 creates aftermarket performance parts for sport compact vehicles. Innovated new engine parts such as the very first drive-by-wire throttle body designed for Honda engines and also developed a line of camshafts employing exclusive Amax and Fast Ramp technologies. They involve themselves into racing on the track and the street and by doing so are able to gather the raw data needed to continue to create the performance parts demanded.
Apexi (Apex International) – Began as a small tuning parts manufacturer and has grown into a multi-platform international powerhouse. They have recently begun expanding into Diesel Particulate Filter systems and have gained recognition for it in Japan. They have developed the world’s first and only cell phone package that allows the user (car owner) to speak commands to their car or home via their cell phone. They have plans of creating the first interactive car security system via an international network of computer servers they have set up which would allow for this remote control voice activation command system via cell phone.
Greddy – Seeks to increase the amount of horsepower and torque your car will gain. Also wants to add a deep, sporty roar to your exhaust system. These exhausts will also increase your fuel efficiency while giving your car taste and style. Creates exhaust systems in the aftermarket performance industry and generally geared to beginners looking to enhance their car’s overall performance. All kits are equipped with a 60-day warranty. Their catback design brings together a high flow through a construction build of stainless-steel and assertive sounds.
Megan Racing – Held the first Drift contest names, Megan Racing Drift Challenge, in 2009 and had gained much recognition from the event allowing them to make it an annual event. Today drifting is recognized as a sport and Megan Racing will continue to provide a safe environment for the racers by either hosting or sponsoring the event. Their performance parts have been influenced from both imported and domestic origins like Japanese steel and stainless-steel products. They are always looking to improve the efficiency and quality for their parts.
Meisterschaft – Known for its exhaust systems that provide vehicles with the best street performance. Contains uniquely designed inlet piping which leads out to the dual velocity chamber design. The velocity chambers that they have developed are engineered to allow the maximum flow from the exiting exhaust gases which reduces the amount of rear pressure which then allows for the power-output to be even strong from the twin-turbocharged motor. These exhaust systems are most commonly seen on BMW, Mercedes, and Corvettes to name a few.
Invidia– All exhaust systems come with a 1-year warranty. The catback exhaust system delivers extra sound and power maximizing torque and horsepower gains. The price range for the different models makes it easily attainable to all social classes. Most kits come in single or dual exit structures. Each kit system is powered by a customized Invidia muffler; not only will adding this exhaust system transform a sport compact into a driving machine, it also adds boss style to your vehicle while boosting your miles per gallon which is always a plus.
Tanabe – In business for over 20 years and made in Japan, Tanabe builds exhaust systems for all kinds of motoring. At the beginning of company formation, they released metal clutch discs, flywheels, and suspension components. Exhausts are known for their super deep tones that hardly fluctuate at all rpm ranges. Each system is carefully created and detail oriented and produces the results demanded such as performance, sound, and quality and each vehicle application is specially developed. Each system comes with a 1-year warranty.
HKS – Designs exhaust systems with engineered performance and quality. The muffler design is application specific as well since each system will have its own flow properties. All systems contain stainless wool which provides extreme sustainability, prevention from breaking, and sound deepening. Each exhaust is automobile specific and each one comes with its own 4-year extended warranty. All the necessary hardware and gaskets are provided with each system for easy installation. Each system will increase your vehicles performance, fuel efficiency and add value to the stylishness of your car.
DC Sports – Products are made for the more common compact vehicles. They produce the very best exhaust products for the Sport Compact Market. All parts that are manufactured are dyno tested and engineered for performance and include a standard 1-year warranty. DCS is most commonly associated with Acura and Honda and began to expand into other sport compact platform after 2000. Their designs were developed so uniquely and performed the best so much that their brand became the number one choice for some enthusiasts.
OBX Racing – Offers quite a large range of high quality after market vehicle parts for import and domestic automobiles. They integrate new products to meet the demands of the latest inventions and advanced techniques to meet the industry’s high standards for the pace of today’s market. The exhausts do not create an overpowering roar rather gives off a noticeable, tame rumble. The prices are very affordable and the kit includes all the necessary parts and hardware which makes it very easy to be installed. These systems have an overall classy and stylish look to it and it is sure to add some flash and flare to your vehicle.
Manzo – Delivers kits fir for domestic, import, and European cars. All products have been created in factories where only the most up to date methods are practiced. Pride themselves on generating high-quality products that everyone should be able to afford. Their technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and continue to innovate and design the latest products for cars that enter the market place. All products have been specifically designed for people who have a budget to stick to without compromising any of the materials or quality. Products are geared to car enthusiasts who want to experience the exhilaration of auto-sports.
Armytrix – Develops and invents parts for the majority of supercars and also an assortment of system for cars including Chevy, Mini, VW, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Has many years of experience in designing and producing these supercar exhaust systems and takes the same amount of passion and knowledge. Each system comes with an 18-month warranty. Offers the leading exclusive valvetronic technology; introducing the AUTO mode which will allow the driver to decide how the valves open whether it be by RPM or how hard the gas pedal is pushed.

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