Muffler & Exhaust Products

Catalytic Converters

The average catalytic converter is found between the engine’s exhaust manifold (first portion of the exhaust) and the mufflers that you would find at the rear of the vehicle.  Catalytic converters do exactly what their name implies, they convert as much carbon dioxide as they can to water vapor.  This transformation helps the environment and the ozone (within the past decade or so, regulations have tightened). The recommended period for replacement is usually about 100,000 miles. We at American Muffler have the replacement for your vehicle, and if not in stock, shipped within 24-48 hours to our door.  Our replacement converters meet all C.A.R.B. regulation standards.  If you have more performance oriented goals in mind, we also carry high flow catalytic converters for that extra few horsepower your car, truck, or RV has been missing.  We carry all major brands, offering the highest performance on the market.


While in motion (driving), your engine is expected to shift or “flex”. Without a flex-pipe, your exhaust will eventually crack or break. Flex-pipes (also known as flex-tubes) are always found on front wheel drive vehicles, and even some rear. This pipe is usually connected directly to the catalytic converter, and also are recommended for replacement every 100,00 miles. Without replacement, just like any piece of metal, it will eventually break, not only causing an alarming sound in the exhaust until fixed, but also damaging the vehicle engine mounts, sensor connections, and exhaust mounts.


With out a doubt the most popular part of an exhaust system, mufflers are responsible for keeping things quite, whether running at idle or under hard acceleration. Even the smallest leak can cause an ear piercing annoyance, while raising gas consumption. The loss of an efficient muffler will be the first broken chain in a long line of links. When a muffler receives even the smallest pinhole or crack, it is roughly 50% more prone to corrosion, rust, and of coarse sound quality. One solution we offer in Broward and Dade Counties is one with added performance. We can have nearly any muffler on the market shipped within 24-48 hours. We also do carry nearly every factory and OEM replacement. With so many styles to choose, we are sure to have the type and price you want!


Probably one of the least thought of parts to an exhaust system, the hangers are the glue that holds everything in place. Attached to not only the exhaust, but also the vehicle, these tiny metal rods connect to each other through the exhaust mounts. When one of these parts fails, you may not notice it right away (which is why we thoroughly inspect each vehicle that rolls through our doors). If broken your vehicle may start to vibrate a bit more than usual, it may make a mild knocking sound during start-up, take off, or even when braking. It is more common for these parts to fail on a performance system than one direct factor, but either way the older your car, bike, or truck gets, the higher the risk of failure. More often than not, they are inexpensive, quick, and easy to fix.


More often a performance based product, the header is the beginning of the exhaust.  If a vehicle is not well maintained (over time), they may begin to accumulate carbon deposits,causing the vehicle to work harder under normal conditions.  This will absolutely effect the performance and gas compensation of the vehicle.  We offer fuel system cleaning and performance exhausts to cope with this eminent threat to every vehicle.